Six LED listed companies' patent authorization in 2017
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In January 4th, the meeting of the director of the National Intellectual Property Office of China was held in Beijing in 2018. Shen Changyu, director general of the State Intellectual Property Office of China, pointed out that in 2017, the amount of invention patent applications in China was 1 million 382 thousand, an increase of 14.2% over the previous year, and 744 thousand pieces were authorized, and the authorization period was stable for 22 months.

From this rapid growth momentum, it is not difficult to find China enterprises has shrunk, the short board of patent distribution is changing. Such as artificial intelligence, block chain, intelligent vehicle, flexible screen technology innovation by patent re thriving, but for LED and other mature technology patent layout did not stop.

LEDinside editors combed more than 40 A shares of LED listed company announcement, the China star power, Newell, Hongli Lehman shares, alto electronics, masters and light Pu shares of 6 companies in 2017 have disclosed the "patent certificate" announcement, including invention patents, utility model patent and design patent. It is understood that the patent period of the invention patent is generally 20 years, while the patent for the utility model patent and the design patent is 10 years.

The 2017 year patent authorized A listed LED companies

According to the statistics of LEDinside, 7 patents were awarded in 2017, which is all invention patents, and 3 patents belong to its wholly owned subsidiary, guxing semiconductor.

Table 1 "nationstar 2017 patent certificate

From the review cycle, the invention patent takes longer than the utility model patent and the appearance design patent. According to the State Intellectual Property Office Director Shen Changyu on April 2017 in the State Council Information Office held a press conference to answer a reporter's question, "11th Five-Year" period, the invention patent examination period is 24.8 months, "12th Five-Year" during the review period, down to 22.3 months in 2016, and further reduced to 22 months.

It nationstar the 7 patents, including a review of LED metal lead frame and its manufacturing method "for the longest, up to about four and a half years, in February 4, 2013 he submitted a patent application; and" LED chip and its making method "the shortest time, only 2 years after February.

Guo Xing photoelectric said that the acquisition of such patents will not have a significant impact on production and operation, but it will help companies further improve the intellectual property protection system, improve product quality, maintain the company's leading edge in technology and enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

Another LED package Newell 2017 Dachang Hongli also gains a lot of patent certificate (see Table 2), a total of 16 items, including 4 items of patent holders of its subsidiaries, and Li Bing LEDIA Forda signal a.

Table 2 * Newell Hongli patent certificate in 2017

Florida signal was founded in 2007 and in 2013 was Hongli Newell acquisition, professional LED warning lights, work lights, taillights, lights, interior lights and other manufacturing and export, and provide OEM for customers design, production, research and development. All of the "Forda signal of a LED car lamp circuit patent at the end of May 2017 has been issued by the State Intellectual Property Office related patent certificate.

In recent years, Hongli Newell accelerated layout in the lighting field, and many gains. Hongli Newell in 2007 began to get involved in LED automotive lighting after market, and in September 2017 announced the acquisition of 56% stake in Huayi good light. According to statistics, in 2016 the Forda signal contributed nearly 50 million yuan of profits. Hongli Newell chairman Li Guoping said, "in the future, LED car lighting revenue accounted for about 40% of revenue, net profit accounted for about 50%."

In addition, Hongli Newell two other subsidiary LEDIA and Hongli respectively achieved two, and a patent certificate, and is the invention patent.

In addition to LED packaging manufacturers, LED display enterprises Lehman shares with Alto electronics in 2017 also achieved good results in the patent layout. Lehman shares a total of 7 patents (see Table 3), including 1 invention patents, 3 utility model patents and 3 appearance design patents.

Table 3 - patent certificate Lehman shares acquired in 2017

It is worth mentioning that the invention patent "LED and its packaging method (ZL 201210339077.2)" of Huizhou Lehman Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lehman shares, was awarded the nineteenth China Patent Excellence Award. The invention patent through the optical design of asymmetric on line LED device, LED will display the perspective of invalid light is converted to light from the perspective of effective, significantly enhance the brightness of the display in the perspective of effective visual range, so as to achieve the purpose of energy-saving LED screen. The LED display with asymmetrical direct insertion device can save more than 30% compared with the traditional direct insertion LED display, which significantly reduces the operation cost of the advertising operator. At the same time, it has a better viewing effect than the traditional LED display device, which has the advantage of significant reduction in light pollution.

Compared with Lehman shares, in 2017 the Alto electronic patent on the harvest more lucrative, a total of 18 Patent Certificate (see Table 4), 2 of them from the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued 3, issued by the European Patent office.

The table 4 Alto electronic patent certificate obtained in 2017

The distribution of overseas patents can safeguard the rights and interests of the enterprises themselves overseas. While the pace of Chinese enterprises "going out" is accelerating, more and more Chinese enterprises pay more attention to protecting their own overseas rights and interests through the layout of the patent. The day before, the European Patent Office Director Battistelli said, "there are a lot of companies China internationalization. In 2017, the number of patent applications made by Chinese mainland enterprises to the European Patent Office (EPO) was 25% higher than in 2016.