China's LED packaging price is stable in December, and 1Q18 is expected to start down
Date: 2018-01-11 16:51:27 Hits: 7683

Dramexchange consulting LED Research Center (LEDinside) latest price report pointed out that in December 2017, Chinese market mainstream LED package price remained stable, high power and power products have no obvious fluctuation, but the packaging products prices are expected from the first quarter of 2018 began to come down.

LEDinside analyst Wang Ting said that although the price of LED chips of different domestic manufacturers has been reduced to varying degrees in recent months, the price change has lagged behind because of the longer procurement cycle for chip sourcing. In addition, although some brand agents adjust the price for individual orders, the overall average price of the market in December 2017 is still stable.

Under the stable price, the manufacturer continues to upgrade the performance of the product, and focuses on the development of the market with high growth rate of industrial lighting, outdoor lighting and so on. For example, CREE launched a new ultra high density and high power density can reach 284 lumens, lm/mm L.

In addition, local manufacturers continue to open up the car lighting market through investment acquisitions. After developing the patent of Puri and Intel, we acquired the patents of chips and phosphors, and then invested the lamp module end to achieve the vertical integration from the epitaxial chip to the lamp module, and enter the vehicle front loading market.

LED light bulb prices slightly rise, the European market filament lamps continued to sell

In terms of global LED bulbs, the price of LED bulbs increased slightly in December 2017. The average retail price of LED bulbs instead of 40 watts incandescent lamps increased by 1.7%, which was 6.3, while the average retail price of LED bulbs instead of 60 watts incandescent lamps increased by 1.2%, to 7.5 US dollars.

Among them, the price of Japan is rising obviously, replacing 40 watts, up 4%, and replacing 60 watts, up 2.3%. The main part of the product is due to the end of the sales promotion, the price is adjusted to the normal level. In addition, the ohm motor has introduced several new products, and the price is higher than the market average.

Prices have risen slightly in the UK, with 40 watts rising by 1.2% and 60 watts by 2.3%. In Germany, prices were down, the 40 - watt price dropped 1.6%, and the 60 - watt price dropped by 1%. M ller and PHILPS launched a total of more than a dozen new products, mainly for the LED lamp, the price is lower than the market price. Prices in the United States and South Korea have risen slightly in other regions, while prices in mainland China and Taiwan are stable.